To begin with you want to be seen as having survived the economic challenges we are all facing.

But different firms are responding in different ways.

And across the accountancy profession reputations are at stake based on how firms react and respond.

To see and hear the behaviours that secure the future of your firm join Paul Shrimpling, Elinor Perry-Hall (practice owner) and Phil Hobden (Capitalise) on this webinar...

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You, like all business owners are juggling cash and profitability issues as well as longer-term goodwill and reputational issues. Who to furlough to preserve cash? Who to pull off furlough to serve clients? Which clients to call and whether to put the call down as chargeable time!

And the longer the lockdown runs, and the deeper the economic challenges become – the greater the reputational risks of making the wrong decisions.

It can feel challenging achieving the right blend and balance of trading off cash/profit with goodwill/reputation.

What’s clear is, your behaviour – what you do and say – ultimately determines how your firm will be remembered post covid-19.

Are you doing and saying the right things?

Read this quote from Maya Angelou and it’s clear that what you say and do matters less than the way your clients feel:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Cutting to the chase...

How your clients feel about what you do and what you say is what matters the most.

Your reputation depends on the way you make your clients feel.

In this webinar (in partnership with Capitalise), Elinor Perry-Hall, Paul Shrimpling and Phil Hobden will discuss the key factors that determine your firm’s reputation now and beyond the current health and economic challenges. The $64million dollar questions is:

What are you doing and saying to make your clients feel good that they have you as their accountant?

Elinor is co-owner of Pentlands Accountants and Advisors with direct experience of serving business owner clients during the recent challenges. Paul has been in discussion with dozens of accounting firms in recent weeks discovering what they’re doing and what they’re saying and sharing the best of what he’s heard. Phil Hobden is part of the Capitalise team helping business owners fund their businesses at this crucial time.

Together they’ll discuss how firms are responding to the covid-19 challenges, client care, CBILS and the behaviours that secure a bright future for your firm (and the profession).

Book yourself in and discover the behaviours that secure the future of your firm – join Paul, Elinor and Phil  on this webinar...

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