Certainty, confidence and comfort are three things you, your fellow partners and fellow managers need to develop to help ensure you charge correctly for the services you provide.

So how do you and your colleagues consistently, systematically, habitually respond to the predictable question:

“How much does it cost to work with your accountancy firm?”

When you make your response to this question habitually the same every time you will get more and more comfortable and confident with pricing conversations.
By the way if you’re asked this question it’s a good sign whoever you’re talking to is interested in working with you (or wants your price to use as a reason to stop the conversation!).

Either way it’s an important moment on the conversation. One that warrants your attention and warrants working out the best way to respond.

How do you respond? What words do you use?

How certain are you you’re using the right words in the right way?

How do you practice and rehearse your response to grow your confidence, comfort and certainty around this pricing conversation?

What is it that prompts you to feel uncomfortable around such pricing conversations?

Paul Shrimpling

Creator of ‘Business Bitesize’ – cultivating a greater flow of new clients for your accountancy firm through profitable word-of-mouth –http://www.businessbitesize.com/

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