The success of your accountancy firm depends on your clients, without them you would not have a firm. The future of your firm depends on keeping these clients and winning new ones.

To do this you need to get absolute clarity on the value of your firm and of your products and services to your existing clients and to any future clients.

Once you have clarity on your value, you have to be able to communicate it. 

Otherwise how are they ever going to know?

Actively and articulately communicating your value to your client means that your client is more likely to choose your firm over your competition.
How you communicate your value to your clients matters more than anything else.

To do this with success, you have to communicate your value effectively. 

Remember the client already knows your ulterior motive is to win their business, so how do you come across as a genuine business partner and not just another firm looking to win a sale.

In getting your client to change and choose your firm over the competition, you must tackle their status quo bias; remember as human beings, most of us fear change. We like things to ‘stay as they are.’

To get your client’s attention, you need to focus your conversation on their unconsidered needs and challenges they haven’t thought about.
When you compare their status quo with the downside of doing nothing and the upside of change, your firm will be seen as much more valuable.

Use the checklist below in your client conversations to help your client make the changes needed for their future security and to help them understand the value of your firm.