When I ask the owners and managers of accounting firms this question at the moment, the answer is universally positive. Zoom calls are getting an even bigger thumbs-up.

All the firms we work with are having more client calls than they’ve ever had - client call VOLUME is up massively.

The VALUE of these calls is massively up too.

The value of the calls is up because clients have a pressing emotional need to be reassured, supported, guided and challenged too.

Having promoted ‘more client contact’ to the profession over the last 18 years, it’s now happening on a grand scale. And all credit to every accountancy firm for making this increased client contact happen.

More emails than ever are being delivered (packed with Covid-19 information). Website updates have been happening several times a week. Zoom calls with clients are becoming the norm rather than phone calls.

A fundamental shift for accountants and...

...their clients.

Almost every conversation with clients is now about the future of their business.

Yes, there’s been a massive shift from profit focused conversations to cash conversations, but all with an eye on the future.

Only weeks ago, most conversations with most business owners were about the history of their annual accounts and management accounts.

Now it’s about the future economic impact of coronavirus, cash flow planning, how best to work with their team going forward or furloughing team members. And soon conversations will turn to longer-term future views about core profitability. And CBILS of course.

Big decisions not to be taken lightly...

Business owners have been making big decisions and will make more big decisions in the coming weeks and months.

The focus that future accountants are now applying to client discussions will be of massive help to business owners. Is the future of the profession now here? Future focused accountants?

 Future focused accountants that challenge their clients’ thinking.