As a partner or senior manager, you believe in your accountancy firm and you believe in your firm’s products and services.

However, this is all in vain if your customers don’t have the same belief!

Your customers are not going to part with their hard-earned money if they don’t think you are credible.

And the larger the purchase price for your goods and services, the more trust and credibility you will need in the hearts and minds of your clients and prospects.

You get the picture - so, how do you achieve this?

How do you make your firm and your firm’s products and services credible?

Sometimes you must risk it all, just like Elisha Otis did in 1854.

Most successful, credible brands have a great story – this one is unbelievable – except it did actually happen and Otis’s business success is built on it…

The first passenger elevators had been installed in England in the 1830s.

Hemp rope held the elevators up and would often break, killing passengers, making the flats on the higher floors of buildings the cheapest!

As buildings got taller one man launched his invention…the elevator safety brake.

In 1854, Elisha Otis travelled to the New York World's Fair to promote his new invention. Standing high above the crowd on a platform elevator, he ordered the retaining rope cut. The crowd cried out. His invention, the elevator safety brake, held!
And in that moment, one man changed the world's perspective on what's possible. In that moment Otis achieved instant credibility. He risked his life because he knew his product worked!

Orders rolled in and Otis doubled their profits year on year. Now they have elevators and escalators in some of the tallest buildings in the world including the Eiffel Tower, the Petronas Twin Towers, and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

In 2017 Otis Elevators revenues were over £9 billion…. worth the risk of cutting the rope in 1854 don’t you think?

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