Very recently Matt Flanagan of Blue Hub and I hosted a zoom meeting  with a few dozen accountants.

​We all discussed how to get even the most resistant clients into using Receipt Bank and other invoice and receipt automation apps.

We also discussed how to get your firm, your team and your clients into the habit of updating their cloud bookkeeping system every day or every week.

Shouldn't more of your clients be using cloud accounting so that everyone can avoid the handling of physical files, boxes and memory sticks?

Check out Matt's guidance and a few practical ways of communicating with clients from me on this recorded zoom meeting:

Why? Because how can you help them with up-todate financial reporting if they aren't? How can you help them with their cash flow forecasts, management accounts and other up-to-date information needed for good decision making? And also help them apply for CBILs should they be needed by your clients.

Here's a report (in MS Word) you can brand for your firm and share with clients. The language and content can help persuade even the most resistent clients to join in with cloud accounting. And help promote weekly bookkeeping habits too.