Thursday 9th November 2023

Strategic Health for Firm Owners - The Plan for 2024

When you think about the future success of you accountancy firm... confident and certain do you really want to feel?

As much as we’d like one, regretfully, there is no crystal ball to predict the future of your accountancy business.

However, dive into the research from ‘the great and the good’ about business success, and some common principles shine through. Common principles you can apply to your firm’s future and bring the certainty and confidence you want.

These principles prompt a series of questions that signpost the decisions and action needed to build a successful, secure and future-proof accountancy business.

Valuable insights:

On this webinar you’ll look at how you make the 8 questions of strategy work for your firm. 8 questions that have helped a start-up firm advance to £700,000 in fees in less than 3 years and added 20% to a multi-million pound, 300-person firm whilst reducing their number of clients.

Key take-aways:

  • See how strategy helps you build loyalty in your team AND helps you recruit great people too
  • Hear how strategy helps you avoid the pitfalls of growth and increases your confidence in building the firm of the future you want.
  • Quickly assess your firm’s strategic health score and learn how to improve your score and your firm’s future results.
  • Avoid the single most impactful pitfall most associated with strategy – avoid FTI – failure to implement

‘Strategic Health for Firm Owners – The Plan for 2024’, this session will run on Day 4, titled Practice Management Masterclass, of the CPD Fest Conference.

If you’re ready to build greater certainty into the future performance of your firm why not join this webinar on Thursday 9th November at 11.00hrs.