This four-page report​ on ‘proof’ has been written for business owners who want more sales, it is aimed squarely at accountancy firms too.

Here’s why this report is relevant to accountancy firms:

I’m always surprised about how little accountancy firms use proof to build their credibility and trustworthiness with prospects and introducers.

Let’s be more accurate here…

Some firms use a bit of proof. They use a few testimonials. A few firms also use a few statistics. A rare and remarkable exception (or two) also use case studies.

This Business Bitesize report makes a very powerful case for using more and more proof on your website and in your other marketing and lead conversion systems.

Q: Does building more proof work for accountancy firms?

A: Have you seen the number of case studies the big four have available on their websites?

This suggests case studies do make a difference!

Think about the ways proof has influenced your buying decisions in the past.​

So how do you use proof in your firm’s marketing? How much proof do you think you need?