Listening to an interview last week, with the renowned success strategist Bob Proctor, Bob reminded me of an important success concept. A concept too few accountancy firms grasp.

“If you travel in the opposite direction to the masses, you will probably never make another mistake.”

This sounds a bit extreme because…

…he is suggesting you start doing the exact opposite of what the majority of accountancy firms do. He’s suggesting your greater success requires you to walk upstream, ignore the norm, be and do different things. Then your firm will be more successful and more profitable too.

Bob gives an example:

On average people watch TV 25 hours a week and read 1.5 hours a week. Bob reads 25 hours a week and watches TV 1.5 hours a week! And if his reading is partly or wholly connected to his job or role he’ll be more successful in his job.

In a blog he quotes another example about buying and selling houses – – buy when everyone else is buying and you’ll pay more! You’ll pay less if you buy when everyone else is selling!

How do you apply this in a practical way to the world of trusted advisor accountancy services?

Here’s a quote from a cool article:

“The world isn’t looking for a copy of an existing writer, musician, politician, CEO, leader (or accountant); they’re looking for someone new, innovative, and original.”

The same, I suggest, applies to your accountancy firm. If business owners wanted the same they’d stay with their existing firm! They want something different.

The well thought out article below tackles a key challenge often voiced about being different – a challenge connected directly to your role as a trusted advisor:

“Ultimately, it’s all about authenticity. Being unique and different shouldn’t mean fake. In our efforts to relate to the culture or a potential customer or audience, we sometimes go over the top and end up conveying a message that’s obviously dishonest and far from authentic.”

Read more here –

So. The world isn’t looking for a copy of an existing accountant; they’re looking for someone new, innovative, and original.

Only if your accountancy firm is seen to be different will you radically improve your marketing results and your firms profitability. Avoid following the masses this year.

What do you plan to do differently in 2013?

What have you done ‘differently’ in the past and seen it pay off for you and your firm?



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