Almost a week after the National Accountants Conference at the National Motorcycle Museum and I’m again reminded of the sense spoken by Paul Dunn about Wow and Woow.

If you were at the event and want to revisit Paul’s keynote you can find a similar presentation at the TED website. Here’s the link to go straight to it.

Get this…

Remarkable = worthy of notice

 Your accountancy firm will only be ‘worthy-of-notice’ if you consistently do remarkable things – and remember it is your customer who determines whether you are remarkable or not.

One of Paul Dunn’s insights, shared last week, is…

There are only remarkable moments.

But it is these remarkable moments that make all the difference to your clients (and your people). A bit like the fly in the toilet (watch the video!).

“So what?” you say! 

Good question!

When you make each ‘moment’ of interaction between your people and your clients remarkable then you’ll definitely be worthy-of-notice.

And firms which achieve this lofty status of being ‘remarkable’ achieve lofty rewards as a consequence.

My evidence certainly suggests this.

How do you make such moments remarkable?

Another great question.


  • Look to the processes in your firm.
  • Map the workflow for each of your services.
  • Identify the moments of interaction with your clients and profoundly improve their experience of your firm.

Easy? No. Which is why so few firms do this.

But do it and you’ll be on the path to remarkable and the rewards this approach delivers.

Thanks Paul Dunn for reminding me of the power of such a small but radically important idea.

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