Yesterday I was with a sole practitioner, his fees had been flat-lining for 3 years at about £360,000. He then improved a few little things…

…and grew to £396,000 and then grew to £434,000.

Then he hired a couple of really good people and billed £545,000.

They have also built a healthy cash balance and are planning even more fee and profit growth in 2014. The future looks very exciting for this firm mostly because a couple of weaker employees have left and a couple of superstars have joined the firm.

It’s because you and your firm are in the relationship building business (with clients, introducers and prospects) that the quality of your people are crucial.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m as passionate about systems and processes as anyone. However great people change your firm’s ability to impress your clients, free partners up to do valuable relationship building activity, and ultimately help you cross-sell more services and win more referrals.

Jim Collins summarises this best in his book ‘Good To Great’: “Get the wrong people off the bus, and get the right people on the bus.” Easier said than done I know, however…

…this all suggests, to get great marketing results for your accountancy firm, you must be brilliant at hiring brilliant people! Thing is, few partners are expert recruiters.

It’s for this reason we’ve created the next edition in our series of Business Bitesize Breakthroughs. It’s called – “How to hire the superstars who grow your business and avoid hiring the others who don’t.”

You can get instant access to this easy-to-read, engaging, 4-page report here

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What I’m interested to hear about is how your great hiring decisions have helped you grow your firm?

And if you’re willing to share, how your bad hiring decisions have held your firm back?

Paul Shrimpling

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