Wolters Kluwer Customer Event – Strategy Health Assessment for Ambitious Accountancy Firms

£29.00 +VAT

Work on your firm’s strategic health and you can secure your firm’s future and help your firm flourish too.

How does your firm stack up?

Take the strategic health assessment today and you’ll get a strategy health score plus suggestions, insights and ideas about how to improve your firm’s strategic health.

You’ll also see how you stack up compared with other firms who have taken the survey.

We simply want you to see how strategically healthy your firm is.

As a delegate of the Wolters Kluwer Customer Event, we are gifting this to you and pledge to make a donation for every completed assessment to the emergency shelter charity Shelterbox.

Because we’re all about humanising the numbers, it feels right that your strategy numbers help us to reach out in a human way to those in need.

Bonus book: As a result of taking the strategic health survey you’ll also get a copy of the Strategy eBook which will further help you build your strategic health, relevance and future success.