Maybe you feel a natural resistance to asking for referrals?

Maybe not?

On my travels to various accountants around the UK I’m exposed to many different responses to the prospect of asking for referrals and recommendations.

  1. Some are violently opposed – and don’t ask
  2. Some are unsure – and don’t ask
  3. Some are up for it – and don’t ask!
  4. Some are up for it – and DO ask!

Asking for referrals works.

A conversation this week with a partner looking to grow his firm substantially over the next 18 months has just jumped into category 4 (above).

He asked for feedback from his client about the firm’s performance as well as the clients satisfaction.

He got a big thumbs up, then…

He swallowed hard and told the client he was looking to grow his firm over the coming three-six months and wondered if he knew any business owners who might be interested.

He got 5 names in about 60 seconds and the client was pleased to help.

You and your firm are already getting natural referrals – recommendations without you seeking them.

But when you send a message to your clients and introducers you are growing and would like to have more referrals nothing will happen!

Nothing will happen the first time but the second, third or fourth time it probably will.

Asking for referrals is a habit.

And, as with all habits, it gets easier the more you do it.

So do it more often.

There will be clients who are uncomfortable with you asking for referrals.

But you won’t know who they are till you ask them (and they are rare).

Keep your antenae alive to the possibility and when you find one, apologise for asking and promise them you’ll never ask them again, there’ll be no harm done.

Given you’re reading this you might be pleased to know… 

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You ready to ask for referrals?

Go on then.

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