9.30am 12th May 2023 

Every leader wants to win, of course.
But can you win without nurturing a resilient sense of ‘psychological safety’? 

Certain principles profoundly influence whether you win big or not. The resilience round table is committed to discussing these success principles centred around building a resilient firm with resilient team members and resilient clients. 

We all need loyal customers. And we all need a loyal, motivated and resilient team committed to delivering for our customers. This resilient round table will focus on ‘psychological safety’ and how it positively impacts our team and our firm’s results. 

More importantly, we’ll discuss what we have to do and what we have to avoid to ensure ‘psychological safety’ is built into our firm’s culture, behaviours and working processes. What’s crystal clear from all the research we have found is that if you lose a sense of ‘psychological safety’ you’ll find it a struggle to succeed. Obvious? Yes. But what are you doing to build ‘psychological safety’ in your firm? 

This event is open to all Remarkable Practice customers and their leadership teams. If you have yet to join the Remarkable Practice community and want to attend this session please contact Douglas@remarkablepractice.com.