In sensitive times it pays to apply high levels of care and attention about both what you communicate and how you communicate with all your clients.

Accountants want to be respectful. Quite right.

And yet, all accountants, including your firm I suspect, is communicating with clients more often than ever before.

  • Many firms are emailing all their clients every day or at least twice a week to keep them posted on the Government measures to counter the impact of covid-19. Every email is relevant to all businesses and the timing is right too
  • In addition to the emails to clients, many firms have made their website more relevant with covid-19 information and blog content relevant to the times
  • And then throw into the mix the sheer volume of calls and zoom meetings with clients (to add the personal touch) and you can see how strong your firm has been at communicating in recent weeks

You’re better at communicating/marketing now than ever before because you’re putting to work the two keys of successful marketing – TIMING and RELEVANCE.

All credit to the profession for the time, effort and energy being invested in helping and reassuring the millions of business owners everywhere.

But what now?

The initial surge of Government initiatives has slowed down. Implementation of the detail associated with CBILs, VAT holidays, SBRR grants, Job Retention furlough and the other initiatives is now the order of the day. 

As we all move from the REACT stage to RESPOND and RECOVER how do you keep up your timely and relevant client contact?

Or do you think you should drop the level marketing activity?

As long as you continue to provide relevant content in a timely and respectful way then your messages will continue to be received well.

Remain respectful...

The way to do this is by sending content to specific segments of your clients.

If you send sole-traders information that’s relevant to limited companies they’ll feel disrespected. Only send information relevant to your audit clients to your audit clients!

Several discussions with accounting firms have cropped up recently about getting smarter on the use of emailing to specific segments. And doing this quickly and easily and cost effectively.

We deliver emails every week for many firms and thought we should share with you how to use emailing services (like MailChimp) to achieve big wins on respectful email marketing quickly, easily and cost effectively.

On this zoom meeting video you’ll find Sally Walwin (digital Marketing wizard) and I talking this through on a zoom call.

And to help you further here’s a 4-page report on emailing best -practice to help guide you.