When it comes to growing your firm, it’s clear that you must take your client service seriously.

How you handle your clients and how you treat them when something goes wrong will determine the success of your firm.

How many clients have you lost due to poor service?

Or, asked in another way – how many clients have returned (remained loyal) to you due to the way your team dealt with a problem they had? 

Research shows that client loyalty delivers 3 powerful payoffs:

Increased re-purchase, increased spend and increased recommendations

All things that as a business leader you spend your working life trying to achieve – right?

You know this already – word of mouth is the most powerful ally you can have on your side. What your clients say to others can make or break your firm.

And when you provide the best in client service, guess what happens? Your clients will talk about you, they’ll remember you and they’ll be loyal to you.

The key to being the best in client service is to make your clients’ experiences of resolving their problems effortless, like riding a bike downhill.

The numbers don’t lie (from 97,000 client responses):

  • 96% of clients who had to put a lot of effort into solving their own problems reported disloyalty and said they would not re-purchase
  • only 9% of clients who found it easy to resolve their problems reported disloyalty
  • ‘low effort’ businesses outperform others by 31%

For any firm, in this world of instant social media notification, poor client service is dangerous. Do one thing wrong and the whole world knows about it!

But in the same vein – do it right and you get re-purchases and positive word of mouth, and these are big drivers of sales revenues and profits for your firm.

Remember, when you get it right, 91% of clients are likely to use you again.

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