TaxAssist franchisees to benefit from new programme developed in partnership with Remarkable Practice.

As part of its commitment to first-class support and continual professional development for its network of franchisees, The TaxAssist Group is launching the 'TaxAssist Growth Academy' in partnership with Remarkable Practice.

The Growth Academy programme is a 12-month rolling course, designed for established franchisees with a fee bank of around £200,000 who are looking to grow their practices to the next level.

The course is tailor-made for TaxAssist Accountants franchisees and will see in-house trainers and a team of experts from Remarkable Practice share their experience and expertise, acquired from decades of working 1-on-1 with dozens of accountancy firms.

For Samantha Skyring, Head of Group Learning and Development at The TaxAssist Group, the launch of the new programme is an exciting addition to the wide range of events, courses and webinars available through the TaxAssist Academy.

“I’m thrilled to be able to announce this important new addition to our offering for franchisees. The Growth Academy will examine the human side of running an accountancy firm and support franchisees as they build team relationships, whilst challenging them to meet personal KPIs to achieve the long-term strategy for their practice,” said Samantha.

“Headed up by Doug Aitken and Paul Shrimpling, who, collectively, have over 40 years’ experience of working with accountants, the course will demonstrate how to create practical, actionable steps to build skills, and then habits, to better connect team members and clients – and, ultimately, to connect the people to the numbers that influence future results.”

Doug Aitken, Director at Remarkable Practice, says: “I’m very pleased to be working with The TaxAssist Academy to help franchisees achieve their goals and ambitions. I’ve worked closely with Samantha to develop a course based on our own tried and tested methodology, while at the same time utilising TaxAssist’s own experience and expertise built up over many years.

“Key components of the course will include finding and keeping new clients, embedding values and creating a great culture in a practice, recruiting and retaining talented people and building a practice that can run independently. Franchisees can expect to be challenged along the way as it will be a journey filled with accountability!”

The TaxAssist Accountants franchise can provide the systems and support you need to be successful. If you’re interested in finding out more about building a practice, buying an accountancy practice or converting an existing practice to TaxAssist Accountants, call 0800 018 8297 or submit an enquiry here to register your interest.

Director at Remarkable Practice

Doug Aitken

Director at Remarkable Practice

Paul Shrimpling

Head of Group Learning & Development at The TaxAssist Group

Samantha Skyring