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When consulting with a midlands-based accountancy firm yesterday they were keen to tell us the most recent insight (about customer feedback) was the “…best one yet”.

You may think differently…

…which one do you think will deliver the biggest result for your firm?

Net Promoter Score Here’s how to stop losing customers by tuning-in to customer feedbackTake customers feedback seriously.  Use one well proven feedback question and turn the answers to this question into information you can use to improve your business resultsClick on tune in to customer feedback and go straight to the 4-page Bitesize report.
bbscover-80-20 Are you wasting 80% of your working week making just 20% of your profits?Identify the time, effort and resource that actually deliver your results and work out how to do more of the high value workClick on more free time and bigger profits and go straight to the 4-page Bitesize report.
Healthy Heartfelt KPI's (1) Why risk the health of your business by measuring the wrong things?Measure what matters to your customers and keep the health of your business safe and soundClick on healthy measures and go straight to the 4-page Bitesize report.

Because its better to recieve more than you were expecting here’s three more potent insights for you…

Delegation How to liberate the people potential in your business by unleashing the power of initiative…Find out how you can get more from your people more often.  You can then do more valuable work or even enjoy more free time, you choose.Click on liberate the people potential and go straight to the 4-page Bitesize report.
CCC How to make your profits take off through caring customer contact….This 4-page insight reveals the value of delivering a magical customer experience.  When you do, you improve profits because these same customers buy again, buy more and buy more often.  And then they tell their friends and colleagues too.Click on caring customer contact insight and go straight to the 4-page Bitesize report.
Hire Superstars How to hire the superstars who grow your business and avoid hiring the others who don’t …….You never set out to recruit weak or dysfunctional employees but your recruitment process can let you down. Improve your interviewing skills and processes.  You can start to hire brilliant people.Click on hire superstars and go straight to the 4-page Bitesize report.


We hope one or more these insights can help you and your firm achieve greater success in 2015– we wish you every success.

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