As an accountant you have limited time and limited resources to invest in marketing your firm. So it pays to spend your time, money and effort on marketing that works for your firm.

You want the biggest ROI for your marketing spend don’t you? With the never-ending deluge of social media platforms and apps and messages it would be easy for accountancy firms to dismiss the value of face-to-face conversations.

Is the power of face to face recommendations on the wane? Google and Keller Fay research suggest anything but.

The power and value of an independent, credible recommendation is undeniable – they are more likely to convert – they convert quicker – at higher prices – and stay longer as a client. And chances are more likely to recommend others to you too. Even in this digital age you better focus on face-to-face word-of-mouth marketing according to a 2011 report by the well-recognised Keller Fay Group. The research is from the USA which you’d think would be more digitally dominated than the UK. Google have supported the research to add even greater credibility to the numbers. The numbers: 94% of word-of-mouth conversations about brands take place face-to-face.

If you want to see a summary of the research go here it is fascinating. 94% of B2C brand impressions happen face-to-face! Chances are this is higher for you in the B2B world of accountancy. Look at page 5 of this well presented summary of the research to see some stunning insights

If you want a bitesize 4-page book summary on word-of-mouth marketing go here

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So how focused and committed are you to generating and maximising the face-to-face ‘brand impressions’ for your accountancy firm?
Does word-of-mouth show up in EVERY sales and marketing discussion in your firm?

You’ll also see from the research the importance of your website too. To what degree is your website designed to sponsor and support word-of-mouth?

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