Step into your clients’ shoes for a moment and ask yourself these questions…

If I were a client using my accountancy firm would I be happy with being simply satisfied?

Would satisfaction mean that I would come back again and again?

And would I refer my accountancy firm to other people because I’m simply satisfied with ​them?

If the answer to these any of these questions is no, then you recognise that your firm is at serious risk of losing clients…

A firm that only obsesses about getting clients’ accounts done instead of focusing on the overall experience their clients have of working with them, will mean their clients will never be more than simply satisfied.

So how about instead of your firm aiming for satisfied clients, you aim for loyal clients.

Loyal clients will come back to you again and again and think of you first if they need further help and advice. And they’ll probably also give you excellent reviews.

Loyal clients will recommend you to other people and actively promote your firm because they will want to share their delight.

So how can you create a loyal base of raving fans in your accountancy firm?

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