We’re all experiencing heightened emotions and stresses because of the impact of covid-19.

Add these extra emotions into the difficult conversations that are needed at this time, and it can feel like an unstable tinderbox. Throw into the mix the fact that (almost) everyone is working remotely, and it feels like a real uphill struggle.

What’s clear is that if you manage difficult conversations badly, both the personal and emotional fallout can be significant.

Fail to engage in difficult conversations and the consequences can be even bigger.

And so, building the knowledge and skill for managing difficult conversations is an important part of your job as a manager and business leader. Especially when times are stressful.

What we’re all looking to do is managing difficult situations with grace – not easy given the current situation.

Here are 4 helpful hints for you when faced with a difficult conversation (get more detail from the report below):

  • Decide on whether to deal with an issue or drop it
  • Extend an invitation to have the discussion
  • Pursue a learning conversation
  • Acknowledge your differences

Rather than treat difficult conversations as a ‘difficult message delivery’ exercise...

...treat difficult conversations as ‘learning conversations.’

Genuine learning conversations will dissolve difficulty.

ACTION: For more help in managing your difficult, stressful, emotional conversations check out this 4-page business breakthrough into proven strategies on this sensitive subject.

We hope it proves to be both helpful and valuable.