Persuasion definition - the action or process of influencing someone or of being influenced to do or believe something.

At work and at home you spend much of your time persuading other people to do something that you think is a great idea.

In your firm you spend time persuading your team to get on board with a new initiative or change strategy, or to work better and more effectively as a team.

You spend time persuading your clients to engage your services and even more time persuading them to do it again and again.

In your personal life you spend time persuading your spouse that the new car really is an investment, or that a curry would be better than a chinese and if you have children you spend hours persuading them to tidy their room or do their homework!

It goes without saying that when you become better at persuasion you will become better at getting people to say yes to what you want them to do

So, are you any good at persuasion?

How well do you know the science of persuasion?

Could you be better at persuading others?

Let’s be honest, even if you think you are pretty good, who would turn down the opportunity to improve?

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