Most firms we talk to have been sending clients weekly (some daily) email updates with valuable content about all the covid-19 business initiatives.

Many also have a covid-19 section on their website.

Most firms have embraced digital marketing communications better than ever before.

Clients appreciate the effort...

Many clients are saying their accountant’s email is the one they always check-out first for:

“...practical insights without the hyperbole, vagueness or bull####!”

Lesson learned?

Clients appreciate timely and valuable insights from you and your firm.

But what’s next?

This week we were asked by a 5-partner firm:

“What are other firms doing to keep the digital marketing going when the Government’s covid-19 initiatives dry up?”

We were discussing the importance of keeping the flow of valuable insights going to clients. Clients have built up the habit of reading their firm’s weekly updates and so it makes sense to keep this going to keep close to them.

However, the firm were concerned that:

  • The creation of high-quality content is challenging and time consuming
  • Getting the content to look good and read well is equally time consuming
  • Getting content delivered to clients every week also requires effort and discipline

So what can you do to get a relevant, high-value emails to clients every week in this new digital era?

In simple terms:

  1.   Write a valuable blog for your website about a relevant business issue every week
  2.   Email all your clients with a 2 or 3 line email telling them about your blog every week
  3.   Post on all your social media channels about your blog too
  4.   When they visit your blog, provide even more valuable information with a white-paper that helps them even more about the subject they are interested in
  5.   Ensure you have an organised and disciplined weekly process so that this all happens without fail

If you have the appetite to produce regular relevant and timely articles in-house (sharing the writing among the partners/managers) and you have a marketing resource in your firm to manage the website, get the emails and social media messages out then all of this is possible.

OR you can recruit someone to do it all for you (although they may still need help with the technical content creation).

OR find someone to outsource it to.

You’ll still want to have every piece of content sense-checked and quality checked, but that’s easier than creating the articles yourself.  Simply block out diary time once a month or once a quarter to ensure the content and delivery happens come what may.

To see how we do it (and how we do it on behalf of other firms too) have a look here - how we think you can secure a brighter future for your accountancy firm – share valuable content that shows your clients how to build a stronger and more profitable business...every week.

NB This content is only relevant to your firm if you believe in sharing business improvement content to your clients