How do you create, build and nurture a high-growth accountancy firm? In this podcast discussion with the head of DJH Mitten Clarke, Scott Heath, you'll hear him share a number of detailed insights into how he’s developed his high-growth firm, a firm that’s gone from 30 to 70 people and, in the last two years or so, from 70 to 275 people, in four offices.

But what stands out most from this discussion with Scott are the principles behind healthy growth, not just growth for the sake of it – growth in which everyone can take great pride and growth that is sponsoring the future success of the firm, as well as generating great financial results now.

I hope you'll be tempted to go to this Humanise The Numbers podcast and dive into all the little details around the importance of culture and values in underpinning rock-solid high growth in an accountancy firm. I'm confident you'll enjoy this discussion with Scott Heath as much as I did.

The show notes for this episode are available here...

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