Occasionally we're privileged on our HumaniseTheNumbers podcasts to welcome a guest who has deep, personal experience in a profoundly important aspect of business directly relevant to you, your firm and your clients. With John Warrillow, we've got that, plus we've got his extensive research into how to successfully sell a business.

He's the author of three books – Built to Sell, The Automatic Customer and The Art of Selling Your Business – and in this podcast, John shares insights which can help you change the conversation, become fluent in the conversation – to be not just the manager, but the owner, of a business conversation. These are two distinct and different conversational styles with unique questions and content.

When you listen to John, you'll receive insights into some of the eight key drivers for improving and increasing the value of your firm. But more importantly, I think these insights can help you drive or support a conversation with your customers, your clients, so that they can improve the capital value of their own businesses.

Please join John and me on one of Humanise The Numbers' most impactful podcasts – and there have been quite a few of those! I hope you enjoy this discussion with John as much as I did.

The show notes for this episode are available here...

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