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Diagnostic Tool

strategic Health Diagnostic

Work on your firm’s strategic health and you can secure your firm’s future and help your firm flourish too.

How does your firm stack up?

Take the strategic health assessment today and you’ll see where trust fits in and how it contributes to your strategy health score plus suggestions, insights and ideas about how to improve your firm’s strategic health.

Other Chapters

Time to unlock long-term success in your accountancy firm

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Intro 1

8 questions…to build your firm’s strategic health

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Intro 2

Go long, think bigger

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Intro 3

Strategic health warning

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Intro 4

How will your firm’s strategy deliver on your personal goals?

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Question 1

What does success look like at your firm?

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Question 2

What do you and your firm stand for?

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Question 3

How must you and your colleagues behave?

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Question 4

What matters most to your clients?

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Question 5

Where is the world moving to?

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Question 6

What’s challenging your firm?

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Question 7

What is your without fail focus this quarter?

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Question 8