Resilience Round Table
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12th April 2024 
9.30am -10.30am 

Recruitment - how to build an enviable recruitment process that doesn’t mean paying fortunes to agencies

If you haven’t been to one of these meetings before, it’s a place where we meet with our extended Remarkable Practice community to discuss important and relevant issues.

This time we were talking about psychological safety and the importance of it when having difficult conversations.

Thank you for the contributions from you all.

This was a great discussion about why people feel unsafe and the impact this can have during difficult conversations on both your team and your firm. And then how to ensure you create a safe environment and why it's important to prepare for any difficult conversation well and then during it ask the right questions and really listen.

We also heard thought-provoking insights around feedback, reverse mentoring, feelings, emotions and intentions and why psychological safety is intrinsically linked with your firm's values and culture - thanks so much for your openness.

Check out the video of the meeting below.

During the session, we mentioned several different resources, so we've popped them here along with the video of the call itself.

If you would like to add anything relevant to this subject, to the resources page then please let us know, we want it to be as useful as possible to you and everyone in the Remarkable Practice community.  And, of course, if you think anything is missing, shout up, and we'll add it in.


Managing Difficult Conversations

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The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety 
by Timothy R. Clarke

If you are looking to implement a culture of psychological safety in your firm, this book breaks down the concept, providing many practical applications that you can start using today. This book will expand what you know about psychological safety and will increase your awareness of its necessity and its value to your firm.


Build Psychological Safety in your Firm

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The Fearless Organization
by Amy Edmondson

If you want to make changes to the culture of your firm, this book is a must-read. Amy provides clear-cut examples with academic research and stories to back up why leaders at all levels must provide an environment of psychological safety for better outcomes.

Meeting Recording

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