Resilience Round Table
Meeting Resources 

14th June 2024
9.30am -10.30am 

Hi Doug here!
If you haven’t been to one of these meetings before, it’s a place where we meet with our extended Remarkable Practice community to discuss important and relevant issues.
We hope you'll join us for this session and do explore the other sessions in the list at the bottom of this page.

Info and update

This is a quick follow-up on our Resilience Round Table discussion on Friday 14th June at 9.30am.

We were talking about the challenges of recruitment and retention.

Thank you for all your honesty, contributions, insights and knowledge. 

We discussed the challenges of recruiting the right people, beating the big firms to graduates, meeting salary expectations, the importance of a career development plan for new recruits and the influence that hybrid working can have on who you recruit.

We also discussed the importance of working with recruitment agencies, the interview process, what prompts you to recruit and how recruiting in South Africa has worked for some of you.

As Steve Jobs said "The most important product I've ever built? The team! They are the source of our brilliance - without a great team, we are nothing"

You'll find below the video of our session and other resources mentioned below.

If you would like to add anything relevant or you feel something is missing just shout up!

Next session is Friday 20th September 2024 9.30-10.30am.  Save the date and we'll be sending out the calendar invites in due course. 

Session Recording

Miro Board


Business Breakthrough


How to hire the superstars who grow your accountancy firm and avoid hiring the others who don’t...

A 10 minute read to learn how to follow a proven interview process and you can be confident you’ll recruit the best people for your firm.
Interview well and you’ll hire well, and reap the rewards of working with great people.

Online Articles & Downloads


Steven Bartlett - THIS Is How I Now Hire Across My Business...

I really really believe most companies do not put enough effort into their hiring process - I see this across all of my investments - but the definition of the word "Company" is "group of people"... that's ultimately the first fundamental game of business. In my mind there is 4 fundamental games that determine your outcomes


5 Popular Psychometric Tests

When you psychometric profile your ‘possible’ candidates you
bring some scientific objectivity to your recruitment decisions.
In 20 minutes or less you can capture a psychometric job profile by completing a simple questionnaire.
Here are 5 popular psychometric tests for you to use as part of your recruitment process...


Rigorous Recruitment - the 3 Stage Process

What can we learn from Google, Apple, Dropbox and other uber-successful businesses about recruitment processes that result in high-quality and highly motivated new recruits?


A proven 6 Step Recruitment Process

What happens to the results of your firm when your recruiting skills
improve, and you double the number of superstars working in
your firm?
Clearly, recruiting deserves the best of your attention.

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